Where in the Bible is America to be found? What about Great Britain?” Considering the huge impact these two nations have had on the modern world, it is inconceivable that God would choose to omit even so much as a mention of them in Bible prophecy. Indeed, their apparent absence from the Bible has puzzled many. But as the fulfilment of the Blessings of Jacob and Moses prove, America and Britain are basically the latter-day descendants of the Israelite tribe of Joseph—Ephraim and Manasseh. The problem, then, has not been their absence from the Scriptures, but that scholars have failed to realize the biblical originsof America and Britain, failed to identify them for who they are: modern Israelites.  It is by that name; the House of Israel—that Britain and America are identified in many biblical prophecies.


The key to understanding this issue lies in Genesis 48:16. As was the Hebrew custom, the patriarch Jacob was preparing to pass on the family “birthright blessings,” which would include the astounding blessings of national greatness God had promised to Abraham. Such blessings normally went to the firstborn son. But because of sin, Jacob’s actual firstborn son, Reuben, was disqualified. Joseph, however, was also a firstborn son’ from the wife Jacob truly loved, Rachel. Thus, the birthright belonged to Joseph—or, as events would have it, to his sons.  1 Chron. 5:1-2  

They would become as sons to him. This enabled Jacob to pass the birthright directly to both of Joseph’s sons. This was unusual in that Manasseh was actually the firstborn. It was Jacob’s desire that Ephraim not only share in the birthright, but actually receive the greater blessing, so Jacob knowingly crossed his hands so that his favoured right hand rested on Ephraim. All of this, of course, was carefully guided by God as part of His overall plan for the House of Israel.

But the patriarch did something else that was equally astonishing. In Genesis 48:5, he said Ephraim and Manasseh would be hissons. Thus, in adopting the two boys, Jacob gave them his very name. “Let my name be named on them”  verse 16; KJV or, as the NIV has it, “May they be called by my name.”

The implications of this fact are astounding. It means that scores of propheciesare misapplied to the Jews or relegated to “Israel’s history”,  apply with present daymeaning for modern-day Ephraim and Manasseh—Britain and America.


 But there is more proof of prophecy applying specifically to modern Israelites. The priest-prophet Ezekiel was among the Jewish captives taken to Babylon during the House of Judah’sexile. Ezekiel 1:1-3

Interestingly, however, Ezekiel was given prophecies specifically directed to the House of Israel—prophecies warning of imminent captivity. But the House of Israel had already gone into exile,  135 years before Judah was conquered.

Was Ezekiel realistically expected to deliver his message to the then-scattered Northern tribes that had already begun to migrate out of Assyria? More importantly, whywould Ezekiel be required to deliver a message warning of imminent destruction and captivity to a people who had already been exiledover a century earlier? Ezekiel 2:3; says that the prophet was to preach to “the children of Israel, to a rebellious nation.”


Whendid Ezekiel fulfill this commission? There is no record—biblical or secular—of Ezekiel ever attempting to go to the long-exiled House of Israel. And what would be the pointof such a message? Israel had alreadybeen conquered and its people taken captive.

The onlyanswer that makes sense is that Ezekiel’s message was not for ancient Israel, but is an advance warningto those who today bear the prophetic name of Israelites; every faithful Christian, from every race, nation and language, but with the Western peoples in the majority.


Jacob was given the Name of Israel, when he overcame and was victorious for God. Genesis 32:28 That is the literal meaning of Israelite; an Overcomer for God, which is what we Christians are.  We are mentioned as the faithful ones, the Overcomers in each of the seven Church’s of Revelation. We born again Christians ARE the Israel of God. Galatians 6:16



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