The Wisdom of Solomon 1:7-11 The Spirit of God fills the whole earth and that which holds all things together, knows well everything that is done and said. The doings of a godless person will be brought to account, the proof of his iniquity will come before the Lord.

Wisdom 1:12-16 Do not court disaster or death by living a wicked life, for God takes no pleasure in the destruction of any living thing. Death has no sovereignty on earth, for justice is eternal; but the godless, by their deeds and words have asked death for his company. They have made a pact with him because they are fit members of his party.

Wisdom 2:1-9 They say to themselves: Our life is short and full of trouble, by chance we were born and then we vanish like the mist. Come then, let us enjoy good things while we can- this is the life for us, revelry and pleasure. For us, let might be right!  Let us set traps for the just person, they stand in our way. He knows God, so he says- he styles himself ‘a child of God’. He is a living condemnation of our way of thinking. We will condemn him to death, for if what he says is true, he will have a protector. So they thought, blinded by their own sins, they fail to understand God’s hidden plan. They never realised a holy and righteous life would have its recompense. It was the devil who brought death into the world and those who take his side will experience it.

Wisdom 3:1-10 The souls of the just are in God’s hand, no torment will touch them.  In the eyes of the foolish, they are killed and their death reckoned as a defeat. But they are at peace, for though, in the sight of men they may suffer punishment, they have a sure hope of immortality. God has tested them and found them worthy to be His. He put them to the proof like gold in a crucible and found them acceptable.  In the time of their judgement, they will shine in glory. They will be judges and rulers over nations and peoples and the Lord will be their King forever. Those who have put their trust in Him, they are His chosen and grace and mercy will be theirs.  But the godless will meet with the punishment their evil actions deserve, because they took no heed of justice and rebelled against God.

Wisdom 5:1-8 On the Day of reckoning, the just man will take his stand, to confront those who oppressed him and made light of his sufferings. At the sight of him there will be terror and confusion, they are astounded at his unforeseen deliverance. Remorseful, groaning and gasping for breath, they will say: this man was once the target for our contempt. Fools that we were, we held his way of life madness and his end dishonourable. To think he is now counted as a son of God!  

Reference: Revised English Bible Apocrypha, some verses abridged.




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