Signs and Events Before the Coming of the Messiah


2 Esdras 15&16 These are the words of the Lord: I shall show sinners no pity, My punishment will not spare those murderers who stain the ground with innocent blood. The Lord’s anger will burst out in flame, scorching the earth to its foundations and consuming sinners like burning straw. Woe to sinners who flout My commands, I shall show them no mercy. I well know all who offend against Me, I consign them to death and destruction.

      See the clouds – full of fury and tempest, their appearance is hideous. They will let loose a vast storm over the land. There will be terror and trembling throughout the world, people will shudder, stricken with panic. Huge clouds will pile up and ravage the whole land and its inhabitants and a terrible storm will sweep over all that is high and exalted, with fire and hail and flying swords. 

Strong is the arm that bends the bow and sharp the arrows that He shoots. Once they are on their way, nothing will stop them until they reach the ends of the earth.  Calamities are let loose and will not turn back. The fire is lighted and will not be put out. When the scorching heat bears down upon you, your strength and splendour will wither like a flower. When Y’hovah sends calamities, who can avert them? When His anger bursts into flame, who can extinguish it? When the lightning flashes and it thunders, who will not quake with dread?  


The Wisdom Of Solomon 5:17-23 The Lord will array Himself from head to foot with the clothing of His wrath and will make His creation the weapon against His enemies. He will take holiness for His invincible shield and sharpen His relentless anger for a sword. The bolts of His lightning will fly straight to their mark and the artillery of His resentment will let fly a fury of hail. A great tempest will rise against them and scatter them like chaff before a whirlwind. So lawlessness will make the whole world desolate.

But the just will live forever, their reward is in the Lord’s keeping. Therefore royal splendour will be theirs and a crown from the Lord Himself. He will protect His people with His Right Hand and shield them with His arm.

The Wisdom of Solomon 16:15-16 From the Lord’s Hand there is no escape, the godless who refused to acknowledge You are scourged by Your mighty arm and pursued by storms of hail in relentless torrents and are utterly destroyed by fire.   Ref: Revised English Bible Apocrypha


The Otot haMashiah  [the sign of the Messiah, written circa 12th century]

The Holy One, blessed be He, will bring to the world heat from the sun, that will kill a thousand times thousands of all the nations and all the wicked of Israel will also die. Everyone will say: Woe is us, where can we escape to? They will dig holes and hide in caves to cool themselves.    If you ask: How will the righteous be saved from the heat of the sun? The Holy One, blessed be He, will give them a remedy in that heat.


The Qibbutz Galuyot [the ingathering of the Exiles]   

Ever since the destruction of the Temple, in 70AD, the Jews have prayed daily for the rejoining and the restoration of all the twelve tribes of Israel. To make this complete, there has to be a redemption of the Lord’s people to Himself. Therefore, all the Israelites must return to their ancestral Land and also the Shekinah Glory must return with them.

Happy are those who live in those days, to see the good fortune of Israel which God will bring to pass. For the ingathering of Israel, may God hasten His mercy to His people.

The Lord’s People, true Israelites: are now every faithful Christian. Galatians 3:26-29, 1 Peter 2:9-10






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