Bruce Alan McKerras: Born in 1941, a New Zealander of Scottish/English descent. For the last 10 years or so, Bruce and his wife, Jan, have been deployed in various overseas locations, helping in Christian communities. The inspiration to write LOGOS TELOS came while living in Israel in 2010.

The Bible is a book full of information, history, genealogy, etc, and how we should live our lives. Approximately 1/3 is prophecy, of this most remains unfulfilled, awaiting the end of this age and the final wrap up of God’s creation. That which has been fulfilled, proves to us the accuracy of the prophets.​

My task, is to point out the prophecies relevant to our time and put them into short, easily read articles, with matching verses which clarify the message. The words I use are plain, understandable English, in the Scriptures and in my comments and explanations.​

I have taken Bible prophecy and presented it in easily read, short articles and compiled it into three books.I have carefully studied the words and context, and then written explanations and comments, using other verses to support what is said. Please read my thesis, only three pages in Chapter one of Logos Telos, it is a precis of how the Lord has and will again act in His creation.​

If anyone has a problem making sense of what the prophets are telling us, or it may not fit what you already believe, then it is up to you to prayerfully ask God for wisdom and understanding. In the light of what Scripture really is telling us, you must make a decision, either believe what is actually written, or remain “in the dark” about coming events. 1 Thess. 5:4, James 1:5-6

When you read LOGOS TELOS, ALETHOS TELOS and LOGOS SOPHIA, then you must decide whether to believe what is explained about our future, as prophesied in the Bible, or hold on to teachings and ideas that may not have a firm Scriptural basis.  These words may conflict with what you have previously been taught, however, I challenge you to study these scriptures with an open mind and heart. The unfortunate fact is, over the centuries that God has allowed His creation to go its own way, very many dubious doctrines and beliefs have become established and accepted.  I know how difficult it is to overcome doctrines and teachings that may have some Biblical support, but do not give the full story. We are told through Daniel the prophet that only those who are ‘wise’, that is, those who make a genuine effort to understand prophetic Scripture, will understand God’s plan.​

LOGOS TELOS also confers a responsibility onto the reader, to tell family and friends about the truths that God has given us in His Holy Word. As believers in the Creator God and in his redemption through Jesus Christ, we are told by Paul the Apostle, that we should not be “in the dark” about these latter days. God wants His Christian people to be aware of His plans and to stand firm in their faith and trust in His protection during the imminent time of worldwide crisis and change.

You can print articles of the books for your own use  or to give away for no profit. The pages are designed to fit A4 size sheets, then use a spiral binder to make the books






Download the PDF versions of the books.